About Us

Kinwey PC Wire Factory mainly exports high strength plain pc wire, ribbed pc wire and indented pc wire and series steel products for concrete reinforcement and construction. Kinwey pc steel is ideal material suitable for large-span and large bays cast-in-place concrete floor, large load of precast beams and other special structure. It has the characteristics of not need room for future expansion, grout-in, convenient use, material saved and bended easy.

Major features of our pc steel products are Low relaxation and High Tensile Strength.

Standards we follow: ASTMA416, GB/T5224, BS5896, ISO6934

Besides, we also supply rebar support, bar chair, slab bolster, beam bolster and other related steel materials for construction. We export in big quantity every year and welcomes your inquiry.

Inquiry please provide: Diameter of core strand, Number of wire, Tensile Strength,, Quantity and Standard of core strand. Welcome contact us for more details.